Our System Is Your Solution

With over a quarter century experience developing the most advanced mass casualty systems, Rescue U Disaster Recovery Systems provides customized, ready-to-deploy, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) and Casualty Collection Point (CCP) Trailers for your agency. Our Mass Casualty Trailers, Disaster Response Trailers and Casualty Collection Point Trailers come fully stocked with medical and disaster relief supplies and are designed to optimize incident reaction time, storage space and minimize patient treatment time and most importantly  saving lives.  Rescue U Disaster Systems trailers are compact, lightweight and engineered to be water, dust, and rodent resistant. This allows them to be positioned around the community and towed by almost any vehicle.

Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Triage and Treatment Modules

Rescue U’s expertly engineered mass casualty trailers fit seamlessly into your agency’s emergency disaster response plan.  They contain the medical and emergency supplies needed to treat up to 500 or more people. With easy-open side doors (based on series 6000 and 6700XL), each MCI trailer allows quick access to easily identifiable and retrievable medical and emergency relief supplies. Like all Rescue U Disaster Systems trailers, this series of disaster response trailer is compact, lightweight and able to withstand the elements. This allows you to pre-position trailers around the community and quickly tow them with emergency response vehicles or full-sized pick-ups.

Casualty Collection Point (CCP) modules

Designed to enable your agency to respond immediately and efficiently to mass casualty incidents, our Casualty Collection Point Trailers provide your department with the tools to treat and maintain patients and contains the emergency response equipment you need.  When disasters are widespread or hospitals are overloaded, a Casualty Collection Point (CCP) trailer can facilitate patient treatment and save lives.

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Patient Transporter

The Patient Transporter was designed to solve the problems of moving patients and equipment at an incident site. One person can easily move patients and supplies wherever needed. The Patient Transporter works with backboards, military litters and can be stored in compact foldable fashion.

Medical Products

Rescue U Disaster Systems trailers contain large quantities of medical/disaster relief supplies and equipment to meet all MCI and Collection Point needs. Included are more of the medical supplies needed in disasters and less of what’s not needed, so medics have fewer decisions to make and don’t have to hunt for supplies.  Other products specially designed for MCI and CCP incidents include the Superior Roll-A-Stretcher and Superior Trauma Patient Pack.