Multi-Purpose Transporter

The Superior Multi- Purpose Transporter was designed to solve the problems of moving patients and equipment at an incident site. A number of studies have been undertaken regarding the amount of time it takes for a first responder to become fatigued while performing a four-man carry. Depending on the weather, within ten to eighteen minutes all four people were completely fatigued and needed to be replaced by other first responders. Keep in mind; most of the people used in the test were highly trained military and agency professionals. Many times in a major disaster the people required to assist will be C.E.R.T. members or other individuals who may not be as physically conditioned as the people in the studies.

Features & Benefits:

  • One or two people can easily move patients or equipment at an incident site.
  • Can be towed by a bicycle or an ATV with optional attachment.
  • Includes flat free foam filled tires and two kick stands for convenience.
  • Works well with or without backboards, military litters and folding litters.
  • Folding design allows easy storage, even includes a handy storage bag.
  • Weights approximately 65lbs, stowed dimensions 38”L x 20”W x 12”D, deployed platform dimensions 73”L x 18” W and is approximately 18” above ground.