Rescue U Disaster Systems  was founded in 1985 with the sole purpose of expertly designing and building products and supplies exclusively for use in major disasters including Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI), Mass Fatalities, Hazardous Materials Decontamination and Casualty Collection Points (CCP).

Gene Maloney, the founder, has been involved in disaster preparedness for well over 30 years and in the medical industry since the early 1970s.

The first goal of Rescue U Disaster Systems was to solve the problems of where to safely store and how to transport the equipment and supplies needed for a mass casualty scene. With this goal in mind, we designed a series of trailers that provide a secure, weather resistant place to store the necessary equipment and supplies.  In addition, they are lightweight and can be towed by most any vehicle. Some models can even be airlifted if necessary.

Another objective was to organize and speed up the medical aid being rendered to victims. This lead us to design all of our Superior Products to be as simple and easy to use as possible.  We realized that the tasks of the medics are made much more effective when excellent systems are available so, as an example, we designed our Superior Disaster Trauma Kits to eliminate confusion.  Our Disaster Trauma Kit zips around the edge and opens up like a book and the contents are stored in clear plastic pouches so the medic can easily see what they need.

Over the decades Rescue U Disaster Systems Trailers – have been the first choice of business and agencies small and large for their disaster response needs. Our customers include:

  • Los Angeles City Fire
  • Los Angeles County Coroner
  • University Southern California
  • Disneyland
  • Mobil Oil Company
  • Albany Georgia
  • Toledo Ohio
  • Omaha Nebraska
  • Puerto Rico
  • West Point

Our Mass Casualty (MCI) and Casualty Collection Point (CCP) Trailers are ideal preparation for the follow events:

Earthquakes * Tornadoes * Hurricanes * Multi-Vehicle Accidents
Public Transportation Accidents * Terrorist Acts * Major Fires