The 3000 Series Trailer

(3100 and 3300)

Rescue U Disaster Systems 3000 series of expertly engineered mass casualty and casualty collection point trailers will fit seamlessly into your agency’s emergency disaster response plan.  They contain the basic life support, mass casualty and casualty collection point products and supplies needed to treat up to 500 or more people. Each MCI and CCP trailer features rear-opening doors and our unique rolling rack system that allows first responders to quickly move supplies to where they are needed most.  Trailers are lightweight, compact and built to withstand the elements so they can be pre-positioned around your community and towed by emergency response vehicles or full sized pick-ups.

Features & Benefits:

  • All Rescue U trailers come fully equipment and are ready to be put in to service as soon as they arrive.
  • Our compact, lightweight disaster response trailers effectively utilize space, can be strategically located throughout your community and are easy to tow by most any vehicle.
  • Trailers feature fold down rear-opening doors for easy access to all emergency response/mass casualty products, supplies and medical items.
  • Trailer can also double as a command center.
  • Our unique Superior Rolling Rack system allows emergency services equipment such as Trauma Kits and Trauma Patient Packs to be easily moved around an incident site.
  • Rescue U modular systems include more of the medical and disaster relief supplies you need packaged and organized for fast identification and retrieval which saves time and lives.
  • Our emergency disaster response systems can be used for mass casualty and/or casualty collection point, triage and treatment as well as basic and advanced life support.

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